When is a Microwave Unsafe to Use? 6 Signs it’s Time to Switch to a New Microwave Oven!

Like every other kitchen appliance, your microwave oven can be hazardous for you. So, how do you know when is a microwave unsafe to use?

Kitchen appliances are here to stay. But they are not everlasting. Our kitchen has dozens of tech appliances we use every day. But, over time, these appliances need servicing or replacement. Some faults can be minor issues that don’t need attention. While other faults can break your appliance.

Likewise, a few technical issues can put your safety at risk. For example, suppose your kitchen appliance has a naked wire internally. If your appliances have a metallic body, and the wire encounters it. It can electrocute you!

Several reasons can cause your microwave oven to become unsafe. Do you want to find out when is a microwave unsafe to use? Or, why you should consider changing your microwave oven? Let’s jump in and find out!

When is a microwave unsafe to use?

Safety is a key concern while using an electric device especially when the appliance uses electromagnetic radiations. Although every microwave oven you buy meets FDA standards, it’s necessary that you take precautions for your safety.

A few reasons that can declare your microwave unsafe for use can be the leaking of microwaves, electrocution, or smoke and burn smell coming from your microwave oven while it’s cooking your food.

Is it time to buy a new microwave oven?

Usually, the number 1 reason people switch to a new microwave oven is that its heating ability diminishes over time. People love microwaves because it provides fast and efficient heating. If the sole reason for purchasing a microwave oven vanishes, what choice do you have?

What else can force you to buy a new microwave? Can you guess any other reason?

6 reasons why you should consider replacing your old oven.

  1. Sparks and smoke coming out while heating food
  2. Food takes longer to heat
  3. The stylish keypad doesn’t work
  4. You endure awful sounds while heating your food
  5. The glass door doesn’t seal properly
  6. It’s retired

Sparks and smoke coming out while heating food

Does this sound familiar? Are you witnessing this problem with your microwave oven? Yes?


And unplug your microwave oven right now! This sign indicates your oven’s magnetron (a tube that produces microwave radiations) is failing. If you continue to use your oven, it can cause a fire! Check these best budget microwaves if your microwave’s time is up!

Throw away your microwave as soon as possible. There’s no going back, it’s time to switch to a new microwave oven!

Food takes longer to heat

This is a no-brainier. If your microwave takes longer than forever to heat food, you should replace it at your earliest. The foremost reason for a microwave is to cook food quickly. If it fails to do that, why are you keeping trash on your kitchen countertop?

You can either send your microwave for servicing, but keep in mind. Once your microwave gets services, it will require recurring service sessions to maintain its performance. 

Check this list of commercial microwaves that heat food instantly!

The stylish keypad doesn’t work

Are you smashing your fingers on the oven’s keypad to make it work? I’ve been there, nothing is more annoying than a fault keypad.

The keypad is a vital part of any microwave. With a faulty keypad, you cannot control the microwave oven properly. Can you imagine being stuck with a broken keypad? What will you do if your microwave oven doesn’t stop heating your food? Or, the timer on the microwave keeps incrementing automatically?

There’s nothing you can do. It’s better to start searching for a replacement.

You endure awful sounds while heating your food

So, your microwave oven recently started singing. Do you love its sound?

Obviously not. Microwaves do not make a sound while cooking food. Well, a gentle hum doesn’t count. But, if your microwave is making dreadful noises, it needs your attention.

Check the turntable, if its displaced, the turntable can be the culprit making this noise. Otherwise, your microwave oven has an internal issue. To resolve the internal issue, you can contact the oven’s company or you can buy a new microwave oven!

The glass door doesn’t seal properly

Do you know, if your microwave oven’s door isn’t properly sealed, it can leak microwave radiations?

Although microwave radiations are non-ionized, that doesn’t mean they are risk-free. Microwave radiations can affect blood tissues just like it affects water content to heat food. That’s why leaking microwave radiations are a hazard.

If the oven’s glass door is cracked, or worn out, you can either replace the glass door or buy a new oven that has the latest and up-to-date features!

Besides a microwave oven, an electric wall oven might also attract you. So, read this astonishing review and guide on electric wall ovens for baking!

It’s retired

If your microwave oven is 10+ years old. You’re lucky the oven is still working because few ovens last longer than a decade!

Now is a good time to invest in a new microwave oven. Look at the bright side, a new microwave oven will have modern features that can enhance your kitchen experience. If you’re planning to upgrade your oven, you can check RavvyReviews best microwave oven list!

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