Is Cocoa powder good for coffee?


Do you add cocoa powder to your coffee? Is coffee your best friend but the guilty pleasure is eating you up inside? I know the stress that comes with trying to give up bad habits but believe me all these people telling you to quit the habit of over-drinking coffee, do not even have a hint of the health benefits of adding cocoa powder to coffee.

That’s right! I’m here to “not’ help you give up your favorite beverage rather I’m here to help you develop it into a healthier one and there’s a secret ingredient involved, and that secret ingredient is Cocoa powder.

Is cocoa powder good for coffee? How? – Research experiment

I hope I got your attention by the mere hint of the word chocolate so here’s an excuse you can quote from the Clarkson University in New York, “chocolate and caffeine have surprising health benefits when combined, especially in the form of an overpriced mocha.” It is no exaggeration and science has backed the unmatched partnership of cocoa and chocolate in the culinary world. (mint chocolate fans can sit this one out).

The researchers of this institute teamed up with those at Georgia University in the most fun study of the year, to experiment with the effects caffeine and cocoa have on human cognition and mood. I bet the team had a tough time choosing the right candidate to pay for their coffee bills. These candidates tasted a variety of caffeinated beverages from brewed cocoa to caffeine without cocoa. 

Following these taste tests were a series of evaluations that analyzed their mood and cognitive aptitudes out of which attention span was the core assessment. The results were absolutely stunning. Those who drank cocoa on their own were quicker to complete their task and with fewer mistakes.

While those who drank coffee alone had similar results but with underlying anxiety. This study shows how cocoa eliminates the anxiety that the coffee instigates, to provide maximum benefits of the two when combined. This harmonious combination has a calming influence on the nerves.

According to research, there are numerous cocoa powder in coffee health benefits. The antioxidants in it tend to reduce blood pressure and improve the level of cholesterol. Keeping in mind that this effect can only come from raw cocoa rather than the sugary powder found at the grocery store.

Comparatively, caffeine has gotten a negative reputation in that department however the ongoing research states otherwise. Even though it is the preferred beverage of a vast majority, caffeine is still a drug. Studies have repeatedly shown its impact on the nervous system especially for those prone to anxiety attacks.

Here is another article on how much coffee per day is healthy for you!

Does cocoa powder in coffee taste good?

Adding one-part cocoa powder to one-part coffee grounds and give it a nice stir for a delicious beverage. Splashing it with some cream and sweetener further enhances the taste giving you the adult version of hot cocoa.

How much cocoa is good cocoa?

A tablespoon of cocoa powder consists of 37 to 130 mg of cocoa flavanols and is one of the active complexes in cocoa and chocolate. These are responsible for blood vessel relaxation resulting in lower blood pressure. Other compounds like methylxanthines also originate in coffee beans which help in the absorption of the cocoa flavanols.

Therefore, making mocha the healthiest of coffee beverages.  If you’re still unsure whether this combo is good for you read further on how drinking more than 20 cups of coffee may not be fatal for your health.

For those who still need some convincing, there is a study on 34 healthy adults who consume about 2000mg of cocoa flavanols daily for up to 12 weeks. They found no side effects despite the high intake of cocoa powder. Adding cocoa to coffee reduces the total number of flavanols inside it. 

What nutrients are in coffee?

A single cup of coffee consists of 3 calories, a hint of fat, protein, and no fiber or natural sugars as stated by the USDA nutrient data laboratory.  About 96 milligrams of caffeine is found in a cup of brewed coffee. It also consists of traces of other nutrients such as vitamin B, potassium, and hints of choline.

What nutrients does cocoa powder contain?

Half a cup of bitter cocoa powder has an average of 98 calories, 5.9 grams of fat, and 8.4 grams of protein. More than half of this fat is unhealthy saturated fat. Consumption of 2000 calories in a single day means 1.5 percent of saturated fats intake.

Cocoa powder is packed with high antioxidants according to the journal of agriculture and food chemistry publication of 2003 by Cornell University. Antioxidants help prevent fatal heart diseases as well as cancer. A single serving of cocoa consists of a higher flavonoid concentration than red or green tea.

What are the benefits of cocoa?

According to the research study published by a German university in the periodical, “American Journal of Hypertension”. Dark cocoa is beneficial for your heart, the flavanols inside cocoa decrease the blood pressure thereby improving the cardiovascular muscles of the heart.

Although the study was unsuccessful in giving out a specific measurement that is appropriate for daily consumption. Furthermore, the side effects it has on other parts of your body are yet to be discovered.


Enjoy this afternoon’s coffee with a blend of cocoa!

Combining the two, i.e. coffee and cocoa is a tremendous idea. The multiple cocoa powder in coffee health benefits can be obtained by mixing the two for a productive work session.

Cramming for finals, grab an iced blended mocha to run your brain at full potential. Need to complete a project? Combine the two for an effortlessly refreshing beverage to help increase your focus.

All these drinks are consumable for a regular afternoon drink or as a breakfast to keep you active throughout the day. Feel free to quote any evidence from this article to keep away those nasty rumors about this ultimate combo of coffee and cocoa.

Apart from that, there is no need to feel guilty about overdoing your coffee runs. Make it an even better experience by asking your local barista to add some raw cocoa to make you a mean drink. Or try this at home while customizing your afternoon coffee.

You can add cocoa in decent amounts and make this flavor combination a consistent part of your diet. There are many creative ways to do so. Many chocolate deserts use cocoa as a way to balance the rich flavor. Nevertheless, if you plan to maximize its health benefits then I recommend you use non-alkalized cocoa powder which contains more than 70 percent of cocoa.


Make sure that you maintain a balanced diet along with your intake of cocoa-flavored coffee. I hope by now you know the cocoa powder in coffee health benefits. So, what’s the wait, prepare a splendid coffee for you can let me know in the comments below how it helps you throughout your day!

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